絵本『Hungry Mimi, Tastes The World/はらぺこミミの世界ごはん(英語版)』出版しました。

English edition> The heroine of this story is a little girl called Mimi.
She travels around the world to experience variety of local food and cultures in different places. Her story is illustrated by a beautiful chalk art of Rika, with variety of episodes based on the real experience of the author who traveled around the world. Recommended for moms and dads who want to educate their children about the world and tasty foods. Also recommend for English learners who loves travelling!

Editor,Art Director : Takeo SayamaDesigner : Mai Hamochi ,Copy Editor : Alisa Kikuchi, Elizabeth Wang Coordinator : Emi Kikuchi
RION ink.

美味しいものを求めて世界中を旅します。旅先で出会った多くの人々と美しい風景、そしてびっくりするような文化の違い。心に残った思い出や料理を、RIKAの美しいチョークアートの絵とともに、楽しく伝えます。絵本の読み聞かせにぜひ。こども達に世界の広さ、旅行の楽しさを伝えたい子育て中 のママ&パパにもピッタリの絵本です。旅行が大好きな英語学習者にもおすすめ!

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